Tree Of Savior – G-STAR 2014 Booth Babes

Terasa Hype train yang sangat tinggi hampir di seluruh dunia,menantikan release nya game terbaru dari IMC games yaitu Tree Of Savior.  Belakangan ini banyak informasi baru seputar CBT dan masih banyak pula pertanyaan yang belum terjawab . Kami memahami bahwa perasaan Hype yang berlebih bisa berakibat kurang baik . Tapi mari kita tidak terlalu serius tentang itu dan kita menengok ke salah satu perjalanan awal Tree Of Savior pada tahun 2014.

So I decided not to attend G-STAR 2014 day four today because I was cranking out the article on Q&A session with imcGAMES. I still have a bit to go before I publish the Q&A. Got really stressed out, so I decided to edit some G-STAR 2014 booth babes photos instead. G-STAR 2014 will not be complete without booth babes photos! Let us know your favorite! The hype is going out of hand at the moment with so much new information about CBT and so many unanswered questions. We understand that feeling of anticipation. But let’s not get too serious about it because the booth babes are here. NOTE: I am not equipped with a DSLR for G-STAR 2014. So don’t expect high level photo shoots.  I hope you liked them. Let us know which is your favorite girl in the forums. Also remember that your wife/girlfriend is always the prettiest no matter who you are comparing her to.

Source: G-STAR 2014 Booth Babes

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